How far can you ride?

South & Northern Kenya is now widely regarded as one of the most exciting mountain bike destinations in Africa, with over 600km of all weather bike trails.

Ranges to Peaks Mountain Bike Challenge is designed to help you train and acclimatize altitude. The off-road bike challenge starts in the Aberdares traversing the range lands of Laikipia and ends in the peaks of Mount Kenya. And for the folks looking to join the 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge among other extreme bike sports, this is an amazing way to warm-up and get yourself ready ahead of the challenge.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you book early and join the team.

1. How long is the Ranges to Peak Bike Challenge journey?

The Peak to Ranges Mountain Bike Challenge is not a race, it is a capacity building bike challenge that tackles different terrains for off-road lovers. The journey takes approximately 10 days depending on the team’s ability.

2. What do I need to join the challenge?

Here’s a short hand checklist of the items one needs for this challenge.

  1. ID / Passport – required to access the game parks.
  2. Light camping gear.
  3. Accessories – flashlight, gloves, warm clothes, hiking boots, maps & compass.
  4. Own Bike.

Cycling and Camping gear can be made available on early bookings at a small fee.

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