Jaribu Cycling/Mountain-biking

Knowing how to ride a bike for any age group will definitely be an achievement and a tick in the box. Become a good and a safe rider through our basic bike handling skills lessons as well as improve and develop riding skills.

Basic Skills –

For Children

Let your child learn from us the best practice at an early stage through simple step by step tips on how to ride a bike.

For Adults

Learn new skills and improve on what you have by understanding best practice in biking and become a safe rider.

Guided Mountain Bike Rides

Riding on a variety of terrain both demanding and non demanding makes you feel on top of the game, but with the correct guidance you become a conqueror. We offer guided rides on natural trails with technical sections and through wilderness areas from one day to multi-days.

  • Ride through natural trails
  • Enjoy game-riding
  • Amazing Mt. Kenya biking
  • Interact with wildlife on your bike